How to include math symbols?

Most of the time you will want an "inline" math equation: the x/2 button above the edit box. You can then put a LaTex command for the symbols you want.
The symbols we will most need are:

LaTeX command What you get
\geq, \leq $\geq, \leq$
\times $\times$
\cup, \cap $\cup, \cap$
\mathbb{R}, \mathbb{Z}, etc. $\mathbb{R}, \mathbb{Z}$, etc.
\frac{a}{b} $\frac{a}{b}$
\alpha, \pi, \theta, etc. $\alpha, \pi, \theta$, etc.

Here are some other resources: The WikiDot help page on equations (scroll down); the tables of symbols under Producing Mathematical Formulae in LaTeX (David Wilkins). I also created a discussion forum on this page for LaTeX questions and insights.

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